EU India Trade Forum is an independent platform to promote and facilitate trade and investment between Ireland, EU and India. Forum established in January 2020. Ireland India Council facilitates its’ Ireland’s chapter.

Forum helps to matchmake and find solutions for Investors across key fields of endeavour including banking, energy, travel and property investment.

Having a footprint in the EU will be essential for Asian businesses, Ireland is the logical location.
Ireland’s air connections to strategic North American cities make it the perfect choice for Indian business people.

An EU passport is a very convenient and valuable asset. Forum can advise and assist in the most convenient way of acquiring one, should it be necessary.

Forum will set up a dedicated Irish/EU serviced office with knowledgable staff, helping minimise overheads in the initial phase.

India is set to become the world’s leading economy by 2050. An English speaking democracy with many positive historical links with Ireland. A world leader in IT software, education and Ireland at the crossroad between India and north America, which can become global technology hub bringing security and prosperity to its people.

Like Singapore moved from being a swamp in 1965 to being a global economic powerhouse, full employment and 95% home ownership by virtue of it being the Asian trading hub. Ireland can be its northern hemisphere equivalent in the 21st Century, where it’s intellectual property and knowledge and global services that are traded. India, America and the EU are the beacons of hope for the 21st century, Ireland can be the hub that connects these three significant economies, the melting pot that secures and emotes a sustainable future for the world.

Ireland will not survive as a backwater, and it must be innovative in facilitating global services. Having the key global communication companies here makes us the logical destination for growing IT companies.¬†Microsoft, Intel, Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. are here because of the calibre of Irish people, let’s capitalise on this. Irish people are those who built America, allows ensuring that this century it is Ireland that benefits from our intellect and leadership abilities.

As the only English speaking country in the EU, we can become a global powerhouse, but we must ACT decisively. This conference will be the beginning of a whole new strategic plan of action. Be part of it.

Indian investors are innovative and technically skilled. Ireland has a range of experiences and an understanding of both the US and the EU that in a post-Brexit world can provide a win-win for all involved.